Selected publications

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Master Theses

Thesis projects from master students working within SCAUT.

Gregersen, N. (2016). Conditions for Supporting Patient-Clinician Collaboration in Remote Monitoring – An Empirical Study. MSc thesis. Communication and IT, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 74 pp. Supervisor: Tariq Osman Andersen.

Thiele, A. (2016). Toward automated detection of worsening in chronic cardiac patients using smartphone data. MSc thesis. Computer Science. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 77 pp. Supervisor: Katarzyna Wac and Jonas Moll.

Kolling-Wedel, C & Johansen, L. (2015). Artikulering af patientviden - En undersøgelse af, hvordan it kan understøtte artikuleringen af ICD- patienters viden om symptomer. MSc thesis. Communication and IT, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 109 pp. Supervisor: Tariq Osman Andersen.

Madsen, J. K. (2015). Participatory Design af SundhedsInformationsSystemer. MSc thesis. Health Informatics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 79 pp. Supervisor: Karen Dam Nielsen and Jonas Moll.

Tahirski, I. (2015). Component reusability in cross-platform mobile solutions. MSc thesis. Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. 59 pp. Supervisor: Konstantinos Manikas.